"Quick Sheet" of Events

Event Date
InvestWrite Competition September 15
Implementing the Stock Market Game Workshop September 25
Stock Market Game (Fall) October 1 - December 7
South Carolina Finance Challenge (Fall)  October 5- November 30
State House Challenge October 15 - April 12
Best Practices in Teaching Econ and Personal Finance Workshop October 10
Ask an AP Reader! Workshop October 19
South Carolina Finance Forum November 1
Fake News, Rhetoric, or Convincing Facts ? Workshop November 13

Econ Book Club

The New Confessions of an Economic Hitman 

November 27
South Carolina Young Entrepreneur Nomination Deadline January 31
Stock Market Game (Spring) February 4 - April 12
SC Color the Economic Concepts Poster Contest Due Date March 15
Econ Day: South Carolina Econ Challenge April 5
Awards Day May 10
SC Economics Bus Tour June 28


For more information contact Chandler Jordan at chandler.jordan@moore.sc.edu