SC Economics Teacher of the Year 2017-18

Tamie Betsill

Wando High School

We are honored to present Tamie Betsill, Wando High School’s AP Microeconomics teacher, the SC Economics 2018 Teacher of the Year Award, in recognition of her outstanding service and commitment to teaching economics to South Carolina’s students. During her four years at Wando High School, Tamie’s “economic warriors” won the state-wide Economics Challenge - ALL FOUR YEARS!

The top 8 teams in the SC Economics Challenge proceed to National Economics Challenge in New York City. This year her team, the “Big Macks” advanced South Carolina’s national ranking to 15th in the nation. Look out New York because one of South Carolina’s very own is charting the course for a place at Nationals!

A dual major in History and Political Science, Tamie completed her degree at Mercer University in Atlanta, Georgia and has twelve years in the classroom. She is married to Jeremy Betsill, partner at Dixon Hughes Goodman LLP. They have two children, Ethan and Adalyn, with whom they totally enjoy traveling.




TAMIE’S “ECONOMIC WARRIORS”                                                                                                                         


2018   1st Place State Champions: Wando High “Big Macks”

          -15th in Nation


2017   1st Place State Champions:          Wando High “Make Econ Great Again”

          -25th in Nation


2016  1st Place State Champions: Wando High “Trust Busters “

          -26th in Nation


2015 1st Place State Champions:  Wando High “Freakonomics “

          -25th in Nation


I cannot think of anyone more deserving of this award.  Tamie Betsill possesses the essential characteristics of an award-winning teacher. She is totally devoted to her students, prepares thoroughly, challenges and supports her students, and has a passion for teaching economics. Plus, Tamie is so darn nice!

                Dr. Gary L. Stone

                Winthrop University

                Chair, Dept. of Economics,

                Finance and Accounting